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Заявки на оборудование просьба присылать в технический отдел на e-mail info@ence.ch, тел. +7 (495) 225 57 86
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Representative office in Lithuania

Swiss engineering Company ENCE GmbH supplies from Europe, Japan, RSA, USA, and Australia on special demands the main technological equipment, components and spares parts.

Field of activity of ENCE GmbH: energy, chemical, oil-and-gas and machine-building industrial enterprises.

ENCE GmbH specializes in solving complex problems regarding industrial reconstruction (modernization), as well as crowning projects with supplying equipment to match the strictest international standards and leading scientific developments.

The mainstream ideology of the company is high-qualified problem solutions on the following steps of project realization:

  • optimal selection of the equipment which is correspondent to the project parameters;
  • providing of in-time equipment shipments and engineering solution;
  • mounting supervision and service project monitoring;
  • expert consulting service during commissioning and start-up;
  • after-sales service arrangement;
  • providing of expendable materials and spare parts for current and major repairs;

In addition to the main technological equipment the Company can organize the supply of the associated equipment, consumables and reagents to ensure the continuous operation of the main production, for example, laboratory equipment, analytic quality control equipment for in technological process control, control and measurement equipment, tube clearing equipment, welding, installation, fire-fighting equipment, transport, isolating and other equipment and component parts.

For more information about Company ENCE GmbH, please, refer to the website www.ence.ch

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